Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Teaching at MCBTB 2014!

Awesome news you guys!! I'll be teaching at Metal Clay by the Bay in September 2014! I have two class offerings: a one day course on Big Button Rings, and a two-day course on a Keepsake Hat Box!

The ring you have seen before:

You can do 14k Rose Gold Clay or 18k Green Gold Clay with this project. The project will be fired following class, and can be picked up the following day!  The other project is part of my luggage line! It's a hat box we will inlay 18k Green Gold Clay in! Sorry my sample is 14k Rose Gold Clay, but it seems with the schedules, 18k Green Gold Clay is the better option! Bring a leafy texture to inlay!

Looks fun, right?!  I will also be at the Show and Sell if you are interested in picking up clay at the show. I will put out a post for orders to bring to the show!

Sign up at !

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Now offering powdered clay!!

Did you guys know that folks are hoarding their 14k Rose Gold Clay?!? Folks are ordering it and not using it!

Etsy has come up with some fun new options! I can now offer one listing as either lump clay (mixed and ready to use) or powdered clay with mixing media! What fun!!

Powdered clay works just like other powdered clays, however, I recommend starting with a drop of mixing media, then adding a dusting of powder. With base metal powders, you have lots and lots of powder to work with...but with gold, you are more limited. So, my tip is just to take your time. The powder comes with the right amount of media, so worst case, you mix it all at once! Not so bad! Right?!

Here are the listings:

I just finished the options for my large clay order, 11 grams of 14k Rose Gold Clay or 14k Yellow Gold Clay, 18k Green Gold Clay is 9.5 grams. I'll let you know when I get that set up, but for now, the link is:

All shipping (worldwide) is free through the New Year! Enjoy! Happy Holiday!!

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Latest on 14k Rose Gold Clay and 18k Green Gold Clay

Have you seen the latest blog post by Anna Mazon of Drakonaria??  It is a lovely write up on her 18k Green Gold Clay tests!  Lovely, amazing, stunning pieces she made with those danty little green gold accents!! The blog post is here:

Anna used half an order of 18k Green Gold Clay to complete 26 leaves and 12 balls!  I think she even had some left.  This makes me wonder if I should create a listing for a half-and-half pack!  Half an order of 14k Rose Gold Clay and half an order of 18k Green Gold Clay?!?  If you think you want that, let me know.  I am getting a listing together now.

I am offering free shipping worldwide until 1/1/2013!  It does take about 2 weeks to fill the order, and ususally 14 days to ship internationally.  I know its a lot to wait....but Anna will tell you its worth it! ;-D

So, you might wonder why Anna didn't get 14k Rose Gold Clay.  Well, she did.  Here is what we found, the rose gold that was fired in carbon that had fired A LOT of bronze clay didn't allow the 14k Rose Gold Clay to sinter!  But, the 18k Green Gold Clay did sinter!  Weird!  Must be something with the copper in the alloy?!  Anna used fresh carbon for a last test fire and found the freshly made 14k Rose Gold Clay did sinter, but the failed pieces were not salvaged (we tried firing them too they were doomed at that point for sure).  It was rather curious, because 14k sinters at a lower temp than 18k...and the 18k came out just fine.  With a switch of the carbon we had successful results at the same firing schedule, so it must be the carbon!

So.  Recommendation is to use fresh carbon or carbon not used for bronze.  I know that might be difficult, but its worth it! 

If anyone has had any trouble with this please let me know!  I have not heard of anyone having these results.  Luckily Anna had just finished the big test on Goldie Bronze, so this helped find something new and interesting with 14k Rose Gold Clay!

Remember!  Free shipping through the New Year!
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!!

Saturday, September 29, 2012

More testing with 18k Green Gold Clay

Ms. Anna Mazon was willing to try out some 18k Green Gold Clay for me (she will be publishing the results of her experiments on her blog: but here are a few photos of her experiments! 

This is a half order of 18k Green Gold Clay:

Here is the PMC3 ring based, with diamond set to be fired in place.  The green gold clay and fine silver were combined at the greenware stage:

This is the the ring out of the kiln, with a little polish on the leaves.  Notice the clay leaves above were more of a brown/yellow.  During sintering the gold alloys to turn green throughout:

The next photos are the ring finished, polished, and oxidized.  Because the diamond was used, the ring was fired in carbon (Rio Grande had some early experiments where diamonds burnt up in open air firings).  From testing, I have found the fine silver gets full shrinkage after 2 firings in the carbon. I recommend 1505F for two hours, bring down to 200F and hold for zero minutes (or just crack the door of the kiln and let it sit for 3 hours), then fire again 1505F for two hours.  This is a minimum for the green gold.  Everything sinters with this schedule, but you can go higher. 

 There is a posting now for 18k Green Gold Clay, thanks to Anna's great photos!  You can also feel free to contact Anna for her lovely jewelry:  Also keep an eye out on her blog for a pendant combining 18k Green Gold Clay and 22k Art Clay Gold!!

And the winner is.......

OK, so I said I would post this right after conference, but who wasn't totally overwhelmed after that?!?  I got some internet orders on the tutorial, and the ones at PMC conference that were thrown in a hat! 

And the winner is.....

Martha Dahl!!



Thursday, June 21, 2012

On my way to the 2012 PMC Guild Conference!

Just need ti load the car, and I'm on my way! Super excited to meet up with my old metal clay friends and meet some new ones!! Wish the drive were shorter! ;-) As I was packaging 14k Rose Gold Clay, I had an extra bit! Now I was thinking, more fun and experiments for me...but, it is the exact amount that is used in my tutorial! :-0 wow! So, to everyone who purchases my PDF tutorial at Conference (which you can order from me or go to my etsy shop: for a conference special price of $10 will be entered to win 0.4g of 14k Rose Gold Clay! I will post the winner here but if the winner is at conference, I'll get the packet to you right there, Saturday, as Show and Sell closes. Hopefully I'm not overwhelming myself at these 2-hour Show and Sell windows!! If you see me at conference, you can purchase the tutorial, materials, or a mini whistle on the spot! I will also be carrying around my needle tool giveaways! Can't wait to meet everyone!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

PMC Guild Conference: Tearaway Instructions!

So, I'm getting my things together for the PMC Guild Conference in Fort Mitchell, KY June 21-23.  This is my first PMC Guild Conference (after working with PMC for the last 8 years) and I am SUPER thrilled to finally be able to attend!  I am disappointed it will be the last...but that is another long tale.

I got myself a Show and Sell Table!  So I'll have 14k Rose Gold Clay, 18k Green Gold Clay, some finished pieces with both metals and fine silver, and GIVEAWAYS!  If you stop by my booth, I'll have free needle tools for just swinging by!  In case you can't make it through the crowd, I will have them with me during the show!  (I'm also participating in the charm exchange!)  Here are just a few, ready for the toaster oven!

Each conference bag has a TINY flier with this needle tool on the front and TWO TEARAWAY TEXTURES on the back!  My laser printer, Brother MFP 7420 (retired), uses ink cartridge TN-350 which works for tearaways!  The sketches are my own original designs, I have no real copyright on them.  They are printed on Hammermill Color Laser Gloss paper, which also works with tearaways.  I've had success with Fimo and Sculpey III WHITE clay with this setup.

A several methods work for tearaways, one published by Celie Fago, another a one a modification of Celie's technique, published in Art Jewelry magazine, and even more can be found with a google search.  I have used the modified method, but decreased the 20 minute "wait" time.  Really you want the polymer to cool down, depending on temp and humidity, you may go as low as 5 or so minutes after each 2-minute rub.  I do think the method is best done in a workshop.  Learn from an instructor, but sometimes you have to try on your own.  I learned from Donna Penoyer, who has perfected the technique.  The right rub (just friction, no pressure) and the right polymer feel (a bit sticky, not hard) is key to this working.  Too much heat will just transfer the ink to the clay, too little heat and it won't be a deep enough relief.

Hopefully with the two textures, you can get at least one good one!  Each set has one scrolled pattern and one line pattern.  I recommend your first test with the one you like least.  If you don't want to use them, feel free to share back home, or drop by my table so others at conference can try.

Here are some photos of what I intend you to do with these little tearaway bits.  There is a blank border at the bottom of the sketch, this is to be used as a pull tab. Cut each piece out with tab, and fold back the tab, as shown in the upper section of the image.

Here is a piece after the pull!  It was a warm day, and I was nervous about transferring the ink to the polymer and having no tear, but the image did transfer.  I could have used more rubbing here. I'll post some PMC made with this tearaway soon!  Maybe my charms for the exchange will use this! :-D

Cure these (the polymer and the paper) in your toaster oven and enjoy! One side will create a raised texture (polymer), the other (paper) will create an impression.  The paper will eventually breakdown with olive oil, but the polymer should last!  You can carve your texture plate after curing, or stick things into the polymer before curing to create additional interest.  I've used bezel wire, the gallery, pretty type.  Rolled this in through the clay conditioner, then did the tearaway with it in place.  I cooled the polymer in the fridge before removing the bezel wire!  Turned out wonderfully!  (The bezel is bezel wire...around the band its PMC pushed in the tearaway!)

If you don't have the setup, I am willing to print your sketches for you.  Cost depends on quantity and size.  I will ship them flat, as required!  Just send me a note at

Besides all my colored gold goodies (14k Rose Gold Clay, 18k Green Gold Clay, Sample finished pieces, tutorial, and class offerings) and my charm exchange goodies, I am representing Stephanie Sortwell and her Thirty-One bags.  If you have any questions at conference let me know!  The special for the month is an awesome bag, the Large Utility Tote.  This bag can carry all your goods from your car to your workshop in one trip!  It is normally $35, but this month it will be $10 with a $35 purchase.  You can also carry all your groceries in your house with one trip!  I will have the Large Utility Tote to carry my goods around, so you can see how big it is and imagine all the fun you can have with one! For purchases over $100 placed during Conference, Stephanie will refund the $4 direction-shipment fee when the party closes June 25.  If you place after June 25, you will not receive the shipping refund.  The Large Utility Tote is also not on special in July.  They are great bags for travel!  Be sure to select the Party: "PMC Conference" for the shipping special!

Hope to meet you all at conference!!!